A selective nerve root block (SNRB) injection delivers medication into the space around the spinal nerve roots to help your physician determine the specific spinal nerve root that is causing your pain.

It also provides relief for back, leg, and other pain caused by the irritated spinal nerves. In some cases, a SNRB may be used for the treatment of certain types of disc herniations.

What to Expect During a Selective Nerve Block

A selective nerve block is a simple procedure that normally takes around 30 to 60 minutes.

You’ll start by lying down on an x-ray table while your physician cleans the area with antiseptic. He or she will then locate the specific spinal nerve root using fluoroscopy, an x-ray that provides real-time video imaging of your body.
Once your physician locates the nerve root, he or she will inject a needle into the area adjacent to the spinal nerve. Next, a steroid (to decrease inflammation) and/or a local anesthetic (to numb the area) are injected into the area surrounding the nerve root.

If your pain subsides after the injection, your physician will determine that the pain-generating nerve root has been identified.

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