What is kyphoplasty surgery?
Kyphoplasty, a procedure similar to vertebroplasty, is performed to repair compression fractures in the spine. Kyphoplasty surgery also has the potential to restore bone height in the vertebra and reverse deformity of the spine.

How is kyphoplasty surgery performed?
You will first be asked to lie face down. Either Local anesthesia or general anesthesia can be used before the start of the procedure.

Your Southeastern Interventional Pain Associates physician will start by inserting a thin tube into the fractured vertebra via an incision in your back. Through the tube, he or she will drill a small hole through the outer part of the bone and into its softer center. This provides a pathway for the insertion of a special balloon into the interior of the vertebra, which is then inflated. The balloon pushes apart the caps, or end plates, of the fractured vertebra, and restores it to its original shape as much as possible. Once the balloon is deflated and removed, your physician will fill the cavity with bone cement.

Is kyphoplasty surgery going to relieve my pain?
Kyphoplasty surgery in Atlanta is most successful in restoring bone height and correcting bone deformity when it is performed on a relatively recent compression fracture (within two to three months). During your visit, your Atlanta physician will evaluate your fracture to determine which treatment may offer the best results. We also perform vertebroplasty at Southeastern Interventional Pain Associates, which may be a more appropriate procedure.

Find out if kyphoplasty surgery can restore your spine and relieve your pain.

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