Southeastern Interventional Pain Associates treats patients with chronic pain. We understand effective pain management begins with an accurate diagnosis of the pain generator. Spinal related pain is typically caused by an injured area of tissue close to a nerve. Incoming patients receive a clinical assessment in our exam rooms in order to best understand the history related to the injured area.

Diagnostic injections allow confirmation of the specific nerve location through a painless injection of anesthetic into the area surrounding the suspected nerve.

This process of correctly identifying the nerve generating the pain signal is perhaps the most important step in the treatment process.

Our Therapies 

Interventional pain management represents an exciting frontier for managing back pain, neck pain and chronic headaches. New therapies represent a more immediate and lasting form of relief to patients than drugs, physical therapy or chiropractic manipulation alone.

These therapies often offer an alternative to costly and debilitating back surgeries. Localized treatment around the pain-generating nerve is often sufficient to give patients acceptable relief. Procedures using state-of-the-art technology are employed on patients who are, in most cases, awake during the procedures. There are also very low complication rates with these less invasive techniques.

Southeastern Interventional Pain Associates (SIPA) regularly performs the full range of advanced procedures available in interventional pain management. This expertise allows us to select from the various alternatives to ensure the patients receive the appropriate therapy. While new to many patients, these therapies are not investigational and are approved by the FDA.

Our successful treatment outcomes come from our extensive experienced determining the exact location and therapy necessary to obtain relief.